We dream, design, construct

    With the experience and scientific knowledge of 3Axes’ engineers provide a wide range of engineer services. The three areas covered by this range are:

    Properties Consulting

    We search and check the property that fits your goals.

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    Together we study step by step interventions in the space around you.

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    We implement your projects with quality and efficiency.

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    Properties Development

    Proper investments in land and properties!

    Our Projects

    Executives of 3Axes have participated in various projects of other institutions in various parts of Greece. The company is new and the sample of her work is being enriched. We hope your work will soon be added to one of the fields:


    We strive in our work to create architecture that meets the high expectations of our customers. Our goal is always to design simple and functional buildings, with modern comfort and ergonomics standards. We look for each of our project its particular identity and the vibrant aesthetic.



    Our principles on the architecture define the way we see the interior. We are planning new or renovating old residence and workplace. We follow the latest trends always emphasizing the taste of our customers. We apply new technologies to provide comfortable, easy and safe accommodation to their needs.




    For us, the product design is directed toward man! Good object designing is the solving of  human problems. The clearly identification of the problem assist the designing the proper engineering product.


    Engineering Studies

    Our creative flair is always accompanied by the perfect scientific elaboration of our proposals. In all our work we are able to draw up all the technical studies necessary for its implementation. Suggestions Architectural, Structural design, Energy and Bioclimatic design, Special Electromechanical studies and Environmental studies are only some of them.



    The 3Axes Constructions is always on the side of its customers for fast and efficient handling of administrative issues that accompany the development of a project. We represent and advise our customers in managing their property always with their own interests.


    Sample Of Writing

    Good buildings come from good people, while all problems are solved by good design

    Stephen Gardiner -16th century